Key ring

Strongly made with heavy chain and die cast metal badge, supplied in a plastic sachet 

Two versions

white enamel with James Craig logo

Black bronze enamel with logo

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Are paperweights still useful? Here's a genuine historic relic with practical value! 

The hulk of James Craig as found in Recherche Bay Tasmania was well rusted Thousands of the original iron rivets had to be renewed. This souvenir might make a neat gift for a Maritime fan.

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Coffee cup. take-away style

Firm moulded plastic cup with cap (non-sealing: incorporates sipper slot)

SHF logo grip band offers heat protection.

Washable, re-usable


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James Craig microfibre cloth cleaner

Carrying the James Craig painting, a useful wiper for camera lens, phone glass etc. requiring soft non greasy non abrasive cleaning medium

Packed in a matchbook -style pouch. cloth size approx 120 mm x 120 mm

microfibre wipe


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