Bridges Down Under by Don Fraser

An absorbing study of every type of railway bridge in NSW,  from simple culvert to steel concrete,  timber brick stone. Very detailed text many photos and diagrams . The  methods of construction, location and variants in design features of every type are described in great depth in a very readable style.

Profusely illustrated. 202 pp. over 150 photos all B&W

published 1995 ARHS

Soft cover  Fine condition



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Railway Portraits. Volume Three by Robert and Bruce Wheatley

A pictorial study of the last days of steam on the NSWGR

A most beautifully produced and quite movingly evocative collection of photos by these two devoted rail fans who managed to talk their way onto loco footplates time and again, giving them the opportunity to create brilliant photographs but also to enter into the thoughts of the engine men and station staff.

Every photo carries detailed text of location, engine numbers and crew names. All classes of loco covered, from 19 class up to the mighty 60- class Garratts

111 pp. over 100 fine art photographs all B&W.

Fine condition, slight curling of dust cover edges.

A book to treasure and dip into time and again.


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Chasing Australia's Last Steam Trains by Mark Musgrave and Kevan Hardacre

A pictorial study of the steam locos in service towards the end in the mid 1970s.

Fine full page photos interspersed with long text sections by Kevan,  a retired NSWGR driver

The two travelled all over Australia to capture steam in action in all states.

Kevan gives several absorbing accounts of the how-to operation of locos, including a Garratt with its automatic screw-feed stoker which used steam jets to control the evenness of the firebed.

128 pp. large format hard cover. Dust cover.

Fine condition 

A story to dip into many times (even though you know the ending)


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Along Parallel Lines by John Gunn

A collectors piece. The full history from day 1 of the NSWGR, from a company historical point of view. Not for the train/loco enthusiast, but for the serious social and transport historian. 1855 to the XPT and beyond. Rolling stock types are closely described.

Hard cover  Fine condition 580 pp. text notes in separate section at end of book. Many photos and maps.


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The North Sydney Lines by David Keenan

By a highly respected widely read tramway historian,

Deeply researched, the full history from cable  to electric of the North Sydney system which closed in 1958. 

Some relics remain to this day of the isolated system, which this book will enable you to explore.

Covers all routes separately in detail from inception to closure

120 pp. 100  photos all B&W. Detailed text, maps, diagrams, timetables and fare tables

Soft cover Fair condition with unfortunately some loose pages which can be secured again with TLC





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Making the Railways by David Burke

From a profuse writer of fully researched railway history, this book gives a concise history of the NSWGR, its lines its movers and shakers,  its rolling stock. and its infrastructure.. 

254 pages Hard cover over 100 illustrations all B&W. Many historic drawings and photos.

published 1995 by State Rail to coincide with 140 years of rail operation.

Very Fine condition



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