For books about trams, see "New Books" where you will find some excellent well-illustrated titles covering Sydney's huge network in its heyday


The most comprehensive compendium of all locomotives used in Australia. All railway systems are covered in detail with every loco type illustrated and discussed. Specifications, builders, loco lists. The early adoption of diesels on the Trans-Australia Railway is remarked upon: water quality along the line was destroying boilers as fast as they could be repaired.

There is much to learn from this large book. 324 pp. over 400 illustrations incl loco elevations and plans. Fine condition in tough clear wrapper.


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Farewell to Steam by David Plowden

see image for precis

a collection of fine art photos by a professional photographer

the book is mainly shipping-related but the final quarter is railway steam on the massive American scale. An end section gives notes on each photo, giving historical info on the ships and locos.

158 pp. Index,  cloth bound over 150 photos all B&W

Good condition. Dust cover half-missing and tattered. Text and photos all fine condition. 


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Along Parallel Lines by John Gunn

A collectors piece. The full history from day 1 of the NSWGR, from a company historical point of view. Not specially for the train/loco enthusiast, but for the serious social and transport historian. 1855 to the XPT and beyond. Rolling stock types are closely described.

Hard cover  Fine condition 580 pp. text notes in separate section at end of book. Many photos and maps.


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