Sail Training and Cadet Ships by Harold A Underhill

Hard cover  Very Good  condition with dustcover in clear wrapper only Fair, some staining of rear hard cover from wrapper bleeding. Clear wrapper poor

376pp. Over 200 photos, some very fine line drawings,  illustrations, tables, appendices. long index

several large fold out drawings



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Sailing Ship Rigs and Rigging by Harold A Underhill

A stunningly detailed study of the rigs of over 30 full rigged ships. The line drawings are pleasing and the fine line  sail plans with accompanying text make it clear how amazing was the technology employed to get the most from a breath of wind!

128 pp. full  index. over 60 line drawings and plans

Fine condition apart from staining of end pages by adhesive tape used to secure the clear wrapper. 


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Sailing Ship Rigs and Rigging by Harold A Underhill

As can be seen by the number of reprints this book has an unending appeal to enthusiasts.

see image for the author's precis.

128 pp. over 100 fine line drawings. long index. glossary of sail ship terms

Very Fine condition in clear wrapper

A book to browse many times over.


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Masting and Rigging the Clipper Ship and Ocean Carrier by Harold A Underhill

A marvel of artistic endeavour, by a famous recorder of the minute details of late 19th and early 20th century sailing ships. The fine quality of the line drawings is quite amazing.


 50 full-page working drawings and 200 detail sketches, describing spar construction and rig of nineteenth and twentieth century Sailing Ships.  There are many astoundingly detailed drawings of Standing Rigging, Running Rigging, and Sails, while the working and rig of various types of self-reeling topsail, lead of gear and function of brace and halliard winches, etc., are fully explained. All running rigging is followed from sail to pin describing in detail the type and position of every block and rigging fairlead through which it passes. Full belaying pin and fairlead diagrams are given for each mast, together with a large folding plate showing the position and use of every pin in the Ship. Separate chapters cover the Sailing Coaster and unusual Rigs. One full chapter is devoted to tables of Spar proportions and rigging sizes for various size of ship.

300 pages, 10" x 8" 4 appendices and very full index

Very Fine condition in clear wrapper, which is deteriorating at the spine


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Plank on Frame Models Vol. I by Harold A Underhill First edition 1958

A masterpiece of fine artistry in drawing and text describing methods used tp produce sailing ship models of marvellous detail. Illustrated by the author in very fine line drawings, plans and photos. Long index.

The delicacy of construction and of the drawings with it, are astounding.

152 pp. plus appendix and index.

Very Fine condition Dust cover Fine under clear wrapper. A book that has been treasured by past owners. 


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Deepwater Sail by H A Underhill

 The complete history of ocean-going sailing ship design from ketch and barque to clipper and all in between

302 pp.  plus 100 hand drawn plates of high quality. many photos all B&W. many fine line drawings by te author full index  and appendix and bibliography

A work to savour over many years and a valuable collectors' item. Rare and sought-after

This copy Very Fine condition  under clear wrapper  (which has deteriorated leaving book unaffected)


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